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November 9, 2009

Health care vote: Thank or spank your Representative

We need to . . . 

* Thank the 215 Representatives who voted against the cancerous health care bill
* Spank the 220 House members who voted for it
* Copy our Senators on these messages so they will be reminded of where we stand

Do this . . .

* Check here to see how your Rep. voted:
* Use our Educate the Powerful System to send your “thank or spank” letter to Congress
* If you don’t recall who your Rep is, you can log in to our system and see their name listed below the letter space on the right side of the page

You can use what I wrote to my Representative as a model for a “spank” letter . . . 

Ms. Giffords, I am very angry that you voted for HR 3962. I am copying my Senators on this message because I want them to take note of it, and oppose similar legislation in the Senate.

You failed in your responsibility to read this legislation before voting yes. You cannot possibly really know or understand what you passed, but I will be responsible for all 2,000 pages of it. I am extremely angry that, because of your irresponsibility, I may soon be forced to pay for and submit to a monstrous scheme I do not want!

Please be clear about this — legislation like this is based on force. I am threatened with violence by policemen, bureaucrats, and tax collectors if I refuse to pay for or comply with your grand designs for re-engineering my life.

This complex piece of legislation will entangle my health care in ever-expanding nets of government control, pave the way for a complete government take-over of my health care, bankrupt many businesses, foster unemployment, and increase my taxes, either directly or indirectly, despite promises that this would not happen.

I am further angered that you could have taken simple steps to improve health care that would not have involved 2,000 pages of unread legislation loaded with special interest deals and corporate welfare.

You could have allowed Americans to buy health insurance regulated by the state of their choice, and you could have expanded the contribution limits for Health Savings Accounts to balance the tax treatment of self-purchased health insurance with that provided through employers.

These two simple steps would have solved many of the problems with our current health care system — problems that were mostly caused by government policies in the first place. Instead of taking this simple, peaceful approach, you have decided to vote for complexity and coercion.

I want to remind you that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits Congress from passing this kind of legislation, but you did it anyway. You have just violated your oath of office.

If you really worked for me, instead of for special interests and the Congressional leadership, I would fire you immediately for gross incompetence. As it is I must wish you the worst of luck in the 2010 election.

Am I being too harsh? Please remember, you’re the one using the threat of force against me to control my money and my healthcare. I am merely protesting your love of coercion.

You can still redeem yourself by voting no when this scheme comes back to you for a final vote. I will be watching, and informing fellow constituents of your actions.


* You can check to see how your Rep. voted here:
* Send your “thank or spank” letter here:

Please take additional steps to spread the word, recruit more DC Downsizers, and increase the heat on Congress:

* Ask other people to send a letter to Congress — forward them this message (be sure to clip off the Dispatch footer when you do)
* Digg this message on our Blog, located in the center column of the home page. 
* Start a monthly pledge so we can reach more people
* Make a one-time donation to further this work

Your support is our progress. Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis
Communications Director, Inc.



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