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February 25, 2014

How We’re Going to Make Your Activism Even EASIER

If you helped with our recent tests, thanks! Our team learned things that will make us more effective.


We constantly experiment to find improvements. Here comes another one…


Downsize DC “Action Items” will now be less than 200 words long, except when we see a powerful reason to write more.


We’ll use only the most powerful facts and arguments. Yesterday was an example. This means it will be even easier for you to…


  • Read our actions items and send letters to Congress

  • Share action items with your friends, confident in the knowledge that you're respecting their time


The Zero Aggression Project also respects this spirit.  The home-page concepts average about 130 words each. We’ll resume sharing them with you, tomorrow. After you read them, please ask yourself…


Would it improve the world if you shared these concepts on Facebook and Twitter?


If the answer is yes, then please do so. Until then…

Jim Babka


Downsize DC & The Zero Aggression Project




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