BETA-TEST: A NEW Congressional Pressure Tool for You

February 10, 2020

Beta Test Downsize DC’s new pressure tool. Use it to push Congress.

Support the Read the Bills Act – test Downsize DC’s new pressure tool Retweet

Our previous message told you that we intend to overcome media Agenda Setting. We also told you that we have new tools and tactics we will deploy to turn YOU into THE Agenda-Setter for Congress.

And boy, do they need your help! Consider that last month, January 2020…

  • The Senate passed 19 bills totaling 498 pages.
  • The House passed 25 bills amounting to 454 pages.

Downsize DC publishes a monthly report where you can read a description of the bills passed.

And you can bet they didn’t read any of these bills. You can also bet that several of them violated the principles described in our One Subject at a Time Act. So how do we get Congress to pass our bills instead of their bills? What can we do to re-set the agenda? There are two secrets…

  • Do what the lobbyists do
  • Use something we call Option Activism

Curious? Well, you’ll have to wait for a future message to learn more. Today…

We need your help to test a new software tool!

This tool will aid you in making follow-up calls to Congress, when you use your phone or tablet to send our messages. Please be aware of three things…

  1. You don’t have to make calls if you don’t like making calls
  2. We still want you to send messages even if you do NOT make calls
  3. Those who do make calls will boost the Option Activism tactic that we’ll describe in a future message

To beta test our new tool…

  • Go here
  • Click on the widget {phone button} to call Congress in support of our Read the Bills Act
  • Our system will call you, then it will dial each respective office for you. Simply follow the script.
  • If you don’t want to call, then use the widget {envelope button} to send Congress an email
  • This is a test, so we want to know about any issues you encounter; press Reply and email us your feedback

Thanks! There’s much more exciting news coming soon!

Jim Babka, President, Inc.

P.S. The system dialed all three offices for me. I didn’t have to speak with a human being during the Senator calls – I left voicemails that included my name, city, and phone number. My Representative’s office was very friendly. Since that office answered, they also hung up, saving me the step of using the *-key on my phone. When using your mobile device, be adept and prepared to “toggle” between the phone screen and our widget, where the script is located. On my Android, I just needed to press the square button [recent apps] on the bottom navigation bar, then slide to the thumbnail for the app I needed at that moment [phone keypad or the message widget, where the script is].

P.P.S. We do not capture or record your call, but we do record the fact that you called. Each instance improves our stats. These numbers will be motivating to others, as we grow.

Today’s Action: Beta Test our new phone calling tool!


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