7 new things to know about One Subject

April 10, 2024

This new news is good news!

These seven facts will bring you up to date…


The One Subject at a Time Act has been reintroduced in the House of Representatives!


It has a new sponsor, Republican Andy Biggs of Arizona’s 5th district.


Representative Biggs made a few minor changes to the bill. He gave it a new title. It’s presently called the One Bill One Subject Transparency Act.

We think the changes and the new title were unnecessary – even clunky – yet acceptable.


The new House bill number is H.R. 91.


The One Subject at a Time Act, with its original wording and title, has also been reintroduced in the Senate by Rand Paul.


The new Senate bill number is S. 287.


A newer Missouri Representative went on an AM radio show. He explained the importance of the One Subject concept. It played a historical role in this term. I’ll tell you who that rep is and share what he said in my next message.


In addition to those seven bits of news, please remember the plan…

Be sure that you’re part of The 300, in your district, to support the One Subject at a Time Act...

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