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“I have been politically active my entire adult life, and I have never seen an organization as effective as They pick their fights judiciously, effectively deliver their messages and don't waste their members' time. They run a lean, mean fighting machine, and I wholeheartedly recommend to people who want to have their voices heard in Congress.”
Bill Haynes
Bill is a gold bullion dealer in Phoenix, AZ. (March 9th, 2011)
“Let me say something here, and if it were not so, I simply would not say it. I get a lot of email magazines if you will, e-zines and such, and a lot of email newsletters. And I subscribe to Downsizer Dispatch, which folks can do by going to Downsize DC dot O R G. You guys put out more information — better information — more regularly than anybody else. In fact, I dare say, that Downsize DC is working harder than any other group that I subscribe to for their information — for their releases and such. It's a constant barrage of extremely important information and I encourage my radio audience to go to the website and sign up for the Downsizer Dispatch.”
Jerry Hughes (October 5th, 2006 episode)
Host of Straight Talk,
…on the Accent Radio Network