What the NY Times and FoxNews Hid From You

January 11, 2023

The NY Times and FoxNews hid the truth, from you, about the Speaker McCarthy battle.

The NY Times and FoxNews pretend to be on opposite sides. But neither one told the truth about the Speaker McCarthy battle. In fact, they agreed that you should be told it was a…

Clown Show!

They also agreed that you should be told that a fringe group of Republicans was trying to weaken their party. Their concerns were about their own personal aggrandizement and petty personal whims, such as electoral denial.

This was the narrative of nearly every media outlet and both political parties.


Last summer, I started a podcast called Gracearchy with Jim Babka.

Archy means government – like monarchy (rule by one) or anarchy (rule by none). Grace is finding empathy, even favor for someone who is doing things you find hard to understand.

Therefore, Gracearchy can then be understood as, governance by grace.

This podcast is sponsored by our sister organization the Zero Aggression Project (an initiative of Downsize DC Foundation). In fact, we’ve done 28 other episodes, all listed on the ZAP blog.

Today, I am sharing the latest episode with you because those fringe Republicans snagged new rules.

Bills are to be released 72 hours before a floor vote. That’s not quite our Read the Bills Act, but the inspiration is clearly there!

In addition, bills will be limited to a single subject and votes will be required every single time the House wants to waive the germaneness provision. That’s not quite our One Subject at a Time Act, but the inspiration is obvious.

Meanwhile, the NY Times says the worst is still to come: “The ultraconservatives have said that one of their main goals is to shrink the size of government. One way to achieve this goal is by pushing Congress toward inaction. Consider some of the assurances the holdout Republicans received from McCarthy: more time to read and debate legislation, as well as to propose unlimited changes to it.”

But why did the NY Times, FoxNews, and the rest of the regime media, along with both parties in the House, collude to tell you the same narrative?

We get into all of that, in this episode. You’ll likely learn things about how Congress works that you’ve never heard before.

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