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August 1, 2012

Please Test Our New Software

We need to change the American mind. But how will we know we’re succeeding?

We’ll measure the change!

Our new software will . . .

  • Ask people what they think
  • Give them persuasive information
  • Ask them what they think a second time

Any measurable change in your direction is a victory for you!

Imagine how it would feel to see constant net movement in your direction. We want to give you that feeling on a daily basis.

Because . . .

The more we persuade, the more we can recruit. And the more we recruit, the more we can delegitimize statism. This is the natural path to profound social change.

The next step happens now . . .

  • Click the link below.
  • Answer the initial question: Does increased federal spending shorten recessions?
  • Read the brief article that follows.
  • Then answer the follow-up question.

Each time you answer a question you’ll get to see how other people answered. We encourage you to watch for changes in opinion. We’ll have more to say about this tool when we report the results.

But keep in mind, this is a test. The software may break, but we hope it works smoothly for you.

Please report any problems or encouragement to the following email address:

Click here to test the software.

Thanks again to Elliott Wade and Chris Wagner for their work on creating this powerful new tool.

Thanks for your support, which makes this work possible.  

Jim Babka and Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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