Rand Paul does something strange in the Senate

February 10, 2023

Senator Rand Paul has done this strange thing before, and he may do it again.

Most people assume that politicians never do anything good. So it seems STRANGE when we get evidence to the contrary. It might be hard to believe. But in fact…

Politicians in Congress are constantly doing good things. Many of them introduce excellent bills that you and I would both like. Yet these bills never go anywhere for lack of public support.

Instead, special interests flood congressional offices with lobbyists, and taxpayers do nothing to oppose them.

That’s what we’re trying to change, and we thank Senator Rand Paul for consistently helping us to push things in the right direction.

Here’s the strange thing Rand Paul did, yesterday, in the Senate…

Rand Paul re-introduced our Read the Bills Act [S. 328] in the Senate, and he’s been blasting out publicity about this bill.

Senator Paul keeps introducing this bill session after session, in spite of the fact that it’s unlikely to pass in the current Congress, and in spite of the fact that it would increase his workload if it did pass.

He does this because he knows it’s the right thing to do.

That may seem strange in this crazy mixed-up world. But we should be grateful for it and do things to support it.

The big thing we’re missing right now is funding. We just don’t have enough financial support to recruit enough citizen lobbyists to pass things like the Read the Bills Act. Can you help us change that?

We raised a bit of money earlier this week when we announced our good news about the One Subject at a Time Act. We’ll need to do a LOT better than that to realize our very achievable goal of passing libertarian legislation without winning elections. It’s up to you.


Set your own agenda,

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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