You could stop or allow federal internet censorship

August 7, 2023

Our plan to stop federal internet censorship dead in its tracks!


We just asked you to help us file an amicus brief in the case Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. That case is attempting to overthrow the pernicious Chevron v. NRDC precedent, which holds that courts should defer to the bureaucratic interpretations of vague laws.

We described this amicus brief as perhaps the most important we have ever filed because it strikes at the question of whether one branch of government can delegate its power to another branch. Coincidentally, this issue is also the subject of our Write the Laws Act. Well…

You friends responded in a big way!

You provided the funding. We filed the brief. Now…

We hate to come to you with another legal brief project so soon, but there’s an opportunity that may be as big as the Loper Bright case. I’ll let you decide. Here’s what happened and here’s what we want to DEFEND…

Federal judge slaps federal attempts to control and censor the internet!

The states of Missouri and Louisiana sued the Biden White House, the FBI, CDC, Fauci, and more. This case is now known as Missouri v. Biden. The complaint is that…

The Biden administration threatened social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor stories like the Hunter laptop, the COVID lab leak, and others!

This suit was incredibly powerful because…

Elon Musk released documents, now known as the Twitter Files, demonstrating that the claims made by Missouri and Louisiana are true. Then…

A courageous district court judge, Terry Doughty, ordered Fauci to be deposed. He also issued a preliminary injunction against federal attempts to intimidate and control social media platforms.

This ruling came with a whopping 155-page decision full of detailed examples showing how government officials sought to control public speech on the Internet.

Now this case has gone to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. We want to file an amicus brief, in this case, supporting Judge Doughty’s decision at the district court level.

We hate to come to you with another big case so soon after the last one, but we leave it to you to decide how important Missouri v. Biden is.

Will you stop or allow federal internet censorship?

Should we try to prevent federally-directed censorship of the Internet?

We are filing an amicus curiae brief to achieve that. Will you support us with another donation?

I Support the Brief

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Jim Babka, President
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