Growth + pushy persistence = victory

Downsize DC is moving in a winning direction Retweet Today’s action item: End business subsidies The Downsize DC Army is growing. 1,066 have joined us since the start of July. And…

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Are there really 30-60 million libertarians?

Evaluate the evidence. Then help us find and activate them.

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New Jim Babka PODCAST says libertarians suck!

How libertarians can win; Jim Babka explains in this podcast Retweet Wait, did Jim Babka really suggest that libertarians suck in his newest podcast? Well…  To be clear, he said…

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Do libertarians suck? PODCAST

Jim Babka’s Post-Statist Review, Episode #5: (four topics) Are the questions in the Political Conscience Test biased? Host Howard opens the mailbag and Jim responds. Then, Jim explains how libertarians suck….

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Do you support the Zero Aggression Principle?

Are you a libertarian who agrees with the Zero Aggression Principle? Retweet Today’s action: Tell your representatives to obey the Zero Aggression Principle Many people, including us, consider the Zero…

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Surprise the Military Industrial Complex

The U.S. 2018 military budget is how many times bigger than other nations? Retweet It bears constant repeating. We aim to do for libertarian ideas what the anti-immigration movement has…

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End Net Neutrality is paying BIG BENEFITS

How the free market and deregulation are giving you better, cheaper TV Retweet The Downsize DC Army is growing! We set a goal. We exceed it. We set the next goal…

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How to end the Federal Reserve monopoly without abolishing the Fed

This one page Ron Paul bill will end the Federal Reserve monopoly. Retweet We want to subject Congress to more and more libertarian pressure every week. You can further that…

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PODCAST Returns: Deep thoughts on immigration opposition

New episode of Jim Babka’s Post-Statist Review podcast Retweet The podcast is back! It’s the fourth episode.  You can listen here: Topics Covered…  What’s really going on when people…

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