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February 12, 2014

They Demolished the Debt Ceiling

 Congress ONCE AGAIN suspended the national debt limit.

This is further evidence that cronyism isn't a flaw, it's a FEATURE of statism. I write about it in “Lip Service Leadership” at the blog.

 I also told Congress to end this cycle of red ink using's Cap the Debt campaign.

I encourage you to do the same. The hardwired message says…


Do NOT raise the debt ceiling ever again.


You may borrow from or copy these additional comments…


The latest “debt ceiling increase” sets the debt “limit” at whatever the national debt will be on March 15, 2015.


This means…


There is NO LIMIT on how much deficit spending Congress may indulge in before then. You could bring back the days of trillion-dollar deficits if you wanted.


I DO NOT CONSENT! Deficit spending…


* Is “taxation without representation” on future generations

* Encourages “easy money” Federal Reserve policies that cause inflation


As if that isn't bad enough, deficit spending pays for reprehensible policies such as…


* Unconstitutional wars, a thousand military bases across the globe, and wasteful weapons programs

* Wars on our privacy and liberty conducted by the NSA, FBI, ATF, DEA, IRS, and countless other agencies


Not to mention…


* Thousands of regulations that destroy jobs and hobble business

* All kinds of corporate welfare

* A healthcare “system” that strips power and choice from customers


Are these the policies of a “government” committed to the protection of my rights?

Or are they the policies of an authoritarian State?  


To recover some of your legitimacy, you MUST balance the budget IMMEDIATELY by CUTTING this harmful spending.




You can send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.


You will receive a copy of your letter to Congress via email. Please share your letter with friends. Ask them to take the same action.


Jim Babka


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