Tell your elected representatives to introduce the Universal Charitable Credit Act

Directly control how some of your taxes are spent through the UCCA (Universal Charitable Credit Act).

Politicians routinely create programs that do “social welfare” — the kind of things charities would otherwise do. A great organization called We Do Better thinks you can get far superior results than Congress does. Downsize DC agrees.

You probably already accept that Congress wastes a lot of your money in the name of “good works.” But what if you controlled the purse strings instead? Would you be better at using those resources to solve social problems?

What kind of spending decisions would you make if you had the power? Would you choose Habitat for Humanity over the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or local disaster relief organizations like the Cajun Navy over FEMA? Well…

We Do Better and Downsize DC want to give you the chance to make some of those spending decisions.

We Do Better has crafted the UCCA (Universal Charitable Credit Act) for that purpose. You can read the text of the bill on our blog. And we’re making it a part of our Downsize DC Agenda. This single subject, two-page bill will…

Give you a $500 tax credit ($1,000 for a married couple) for contributions made to any non-profit charitable organization.

Please understand, this is a credit, not a mere deduction. The universal charitable tax credit will reduce the amount you send to the federal government by a whopping $500 or $1,000. You can allocate that money to organizations that do better at solving social problems than the government does. Multiply that $500 by millions of Americans and the potential social impact is profound. Even better…

Taxpayers and charities will have a huge incentive to pressure Congress to expand the credit once it’s in place. This would give you even more control over your tax dollars.

Of course, some people want to simplify the tax code rather than add more complexity. That argument makes some sense for tax deductions. Those are designed to influence your behavior in directions favored by Congress. A tax credit is different. It puts you in charge of allocating the money!

But what’s best about the UCCA is that this is a bill for everyone. Whether you lean liberal and would like better public services for those who need them the most, or lean conservative or libertarian and would like to see less government, this is a bill that truly represents “We the People.”

If you agree with the letter we’ve written to Congress, please send it, or revise it to suit your needs. – By Perry Willis & Jim Babka, posted Thursday, February 1, 2018

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