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February 3, 2012

URGENT – NDAA Protest Day: Oppose Federal Kidnapping

TODAY, Friday, February 3 is NDAA Protest Day. Thousands of patriots will be protesting at local Congressional offices.

YOU can participate in the protest, even if you are unable to attend in person. But first…

Some Background

NDAA is the National Defense Authorization Act, signed into law by President Obama on New Year’s Eve 2011. Sections 1021 and 1022 authorize the President to “indefinitely detain” (kidnap) ANY person – American or non-citizen – without bringing charges and without a day in court. Learn more.

The Tenth Amendment Center asked President Jim Babka to present a detailed yet plausible scenario, whereby these kidnapping provisions could be used to snare activists. 

The Backlash

Anger toward the NDAA was immediate. fought against the bill before passage, and launched its repeal campaign on January 9. At least three repeal bills have been proposed. Regrettably, none are sufficient…

  • Rep. Ron Paul’s bill HR 3785 repeals Section 1021 but not 1022.
  • Rep. Jeff Landry’s HR 3676 would restore Constitutional protections for American citizens but denies them to foreigners — even legal residents.
  • Sen. Diane Feinstein’s bill S.2003 restores due process to American citizens and lawful alien residents but seems to deny even a citizen’s due process rights if apprehended on foreign soil.

In addition, citizens are working through their states and local communities to communicate their opposition to Sections 1021 and 1022. For instance…

NDAA Protest Day

The event is TODAY from noon to 7pm at your Representative’s Congressional District offices throughout the country. Downsize DC is not involved in planning or coordination these in-person protests, but it appears that you can come when you can, as long as you can.

If you are able to attend, you can locate the office nearest you here:  

More information here:

If you are unable to attend, then PLEASE call Your Representative and Senators.

To call, go to your Downsize DC “District Information” page. If you’re logged in that link is located in Your Toolbox. It contains each of their phone numbers:

Here are a few words you can use…

It is a cowardly act to surrender our freedoms in the name of fighting terrorists. Please introduce legislation that repeals Section 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA and restore strong due process rights for all.  

BUT IF YOU DO NOTHING ELSE, send a letter: Go to’s Repeal Indefinite Detention Campaign.

You may borrow from or copy this…

It is often said that terrorists hate us because of our freedom.

So if we give up our freedom in the name of fighting terrorists, doesn’t that mean they win?

That’s a cowardly act!

It started with the Patriot Act. It continued with other terrible bills such as the Military Commissions Act. But Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA endanger EVERYONE’s freedom.

These provisions authorize the military to kidnap any person whom this, or any future President decrees is a “terrorist.” Non-Americans and Americans alike. On foreign soil AND our soil. For as long as there are “hostilities,” i.e., possibly forever.

What if any other country passed such a law? Would you travel there? Wouldn’t our own State Department condemn such a human rights violation? Would you call its people “free” or “unfree?”

The power to kidnap, to “disappear” people, is the mark of a backward tyranny.

The NDAA destroyed a legal tradition going back to the nearly 800 year-old Magna Carta. The protection of persons from arbitrary arrest and imprisonment is the very foundation of a free society. It’s one of the crown jewels of civilization. It makes us feel fortunate to live in a country like the United States.

Make us proud to be Americans once again.

Please introduce legislation that repeals Section 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA. Restore strong due process rights for all.


You can send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.

Thank you for taking part. Encourage your friends to do the same!

James Wilson
Policy Research Director, Inc.

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