How you can weaponize bad news

March 10, 2022

Learn how to weaponize bad news!

We’ve been repeating this important theme – too many people assume that nothing good ever happens.

This expectation of the worst provokes apathy, despair, passivity, and self-defeat. Winners don’t do that!

We’ve tried to help our Agenda Setters resist these loser habits by sharing examples of good news. We’ve given you concrete evidence that politicians sometimes do the right thing.

To be an effective change agent, you must notice these examples, study them, understand them, and learn how to cause more of them. We will assist you in doing this. But…

It’s also important to understand how bad news can serve your purpose too. You must think tactically and strategically at all times. You must constantly ask yourself how you can turn bad news to your own advantage. Don’t treat bad news as a reason to despair. Instead…

Learn how to weaponize bad news!

I’ll tell you how to do this, but you have to view it in terms of the overall strategy. Remember what we’re trying to do. We’re combatting a pernicious evil – media Agenda Setting. The professional establishment news media leads people around by the nose. They tell us what’s important, and what the range of acceptable debate is. And most Americans fall for this, even libertarians!

Nearly all Americans spend their time discussing and debating the topics the media chooses. But it’s worse than that. The media actually incites us to war with each other. Jim Babka calls this…

The Conflict Machine

The politicians and the media constantly pick fights for us, pitting the Right and the Left against each other, with libertarians caught inside the circular firing squad that results.

So how do we step outside the circular firing squad, and also help our left-statist and right-statist friends exit the Conflict Machine?

Step one: Learn how to be an Agenda Setter. You can begin this transformation by resisting the temptation to talk about the agenda dictated to you by the media and the politicians.

Step two: Set your own agenda and constantly show your friends that direction. Our campaigns are a great place to focus your conversations.

Step three: Use examples of good news to fight off despair. The Conflict Machine thrives on despair, fear, hate, and anger. Resist it! We help you with this by providing examples of good news – concrete evidence that some things move in the right direction.

Step four: Weaponize bad news. Whenever something goes in the wrong direction, use it as a reason why your friends need to join The 300 for one or more of our proposals. You win either way. Good news fights off despair, while bad news inspires useful action.

Think about what we provide

  • Agenda Setters by Downsize DC provides you with tactics and a strategy to oppose Media Agenda Setting and the Conflict Machine, while also taking concrete steps to Downsize DC.
  • We give you inspiring, good news that demonstrates politicians can be led to do the right thing.
  • Our Downsize DC approach includes powerful legislative ideas like One Subject at a Time, Read the Bills, Write the Laws, and criminal justice proposals that you can use to divert the public discussion in a useful direction.
  • We tell you which items of bad news you can weaponize to recruit new allies.
  • Agenda Setters is a strategy (The 300) to cause change without having to recruit millions of people or win huge majorities costing millions of dollars
  • We make participation easier using Option Activism so that no one has to begin local lobbying meetings until there are enough people to make sure those meetings work.

Despite all those benefits, there’s one thing we can’t provide.

We can’t donate all of the money that’s needed to recruit The 300 in your district and other districts. It’s a simple fact…

To recruit people we must reach people, and that costs money

We need more monthly pledges!

We also need more one-time donations of $5,000, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $75, $50, $35, $25, $10, and even $5.

And somewhere out there are successful people who see the power of what we’re doing, and who can donate one million, or a quarter million, or $100,000, $50,000, or $10,000.

Do you fall into one of these categories? Can you either start a monthly pledge or donate a single amount in one of the above denominations. If you help then we will recruit and change will happen. Your donations are our budget.


Set your own agenda,

Perry Willis

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