What is The 300?

October 20, 2020

“The 300” is an elegant political action breakthrough strategy that makes YOU the Agenda Setter

Agenda Setters by Downsize DC intends to pass good legislation in Congress. Most people assume that means electing new people to office.

We have a simpler plan.

We will recruit 300 people per congressional district to perform a modest yet powerful task.

“The 300” will visit local congressional offices seeking sponsorship for legislation you like.

These visits will happen in waves of 3, 5, or 6 people. They’ll stream into your congressional office, week after week, until bill sponsorship is obtained.

300 visitors will feel like a flood to the local congressional staff.

  • In many cases, sponsorship will occur before all 300 people flow into the office.
  • We also don’t need sponsors in every district. Congressional leaders will likely bow to the rising tide of support before we reach a majority.
  • If they don’t act, we can drown out the recalcitrant leadership using a tool called a discharge petition. We can do that once we have 220 House sponsors.

We don’t want to waste your time. That’s why no local congressional office meetings will be scheduled in your district until we have all 300 Agenda Setters recruited. You won’t have to take action until you’re sure enough people are doing it with you to virtually guarantee success.

You’ll be able to schedule your meeting on a day that works for you.

Do you want to be a spokesperson or group coordinator? Great. Would you prefer to offer quiet moral support? That’s needed too. Each group will choose its spokespersons.

Our agenda is tight and focused. We hope you’ll become one of The 300 for one or more of the following bills...

  1. End Judicial Findings (S. 2566): Don’t let judges imprison people based on acquitted charges. Yes, that actually happens.
  2. The One Subject at a Time Act (H.R. 91 and S. 287): Don’t let congressional leaders cluster unrelated bills. Lobbyists use this tactic to sneak things through.
  3. Restore Federal Parole: The “land of the free” has the world’s largest prison population, both in real terms and per capita. Congress ended federal parole in the 1980s. Help empty the American gulag.
  4. Ending Qualified Immunity Act (HR 7085): Because the Supreme Court wrongly decided that police cannot be held responsible for their actions.
  5. The Read the Bills Act (S. 3879): Make Congress read every word of every rule they impose on you.
  6. The Write the Laws Act (S. 3904): Don’t let Congress delegate its rule-making power to unelected bureaucrats.

Take the plunge and, together, we can carry congressional legislation over the rushing waves.


Help build The 300 with a one-time or monthly contribution.

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