They think you’re stupid

July 8, 2024

The regulatory state is premised on the idea that you’re stupid. 

NOTE: My podcast is usually promoted by the Zero Aggression Project. So many (but far from all) of you may have seen this message this morning. This new episode is about both Downsize DC’s amicus brief program and our Write the Laws Act work.

I’m not exaggerating, even a little!

In a moment, I’ll show how I can prove that. First, a bit of background.

In the last days of its session, the Supreme Court handed down THREE decisions about the administrative state. All three rulings pin back the power of unelected bureaucrats.

Last week, I sent you an exciting progress report about YOUR role in the shiny jewel of these three cases – Loper Bright Enterprises. In this major landmark decision, the Court ended “Chevron deference.”

Now, our newest episode of Gracearchy with Jim Babka interacts with an MSNBC program that really attacked the Loper Bright Enterprises decision. Bill plays the clip, and I respond.

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How Stupid Do They Think We Are?

We presumed the MSNBC host and his two participants would make their best case.

They didn’t.

They simply believe that you, me, our representatives, and federal judges are all too stupid to be included in the regulatory process. The MSNBC host believes that even he’s too stupid to avoid eating Tainted Meat or sucking on Lead Paint.

So what chance is there for you? Worse, how can you trust the idiots you send to Congress?

Tainted Meat, Lead Paint, Repeat

This MSNBC panel repeatedly references tainted meat and lead paint in a totemic fashion. We’ll show you how “tainted meat” is progressive folklore literally drawn from dystopian fiction, and “lead paint” is an anti-scientific understanding of how innovation works.

We even explain why the MSNBC host isn’t as stupid as he claims to be.

Left-statist use of the term democracy is not the version you were taught in school. You need to understand what they really mean.

Grace for Progressives

This is Gracearchy, so we actually help this MSNBC panel shape up two of their arguments.

Even better, we present a solution that allows them to keep their vaunted experts.

By listening, you’ll…

  • Obtain quick yet profound insight into three SCOTUS decisions
  • Discover why Loper Bright was fantastic news instead of bad
  • Learn how Congress and the regulatory state have functioned until now

By listening to just this one episode, you’ll likely know more about these SCOTUS decisions than any critic you meet.

You can listen while you work or drive on these podcasting platforms: Pandora * iHeart * Spotify

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ZAP The State and have a nice day,

Jim Babka
Host, Gracearchy with Jim Babka
Co-creator, Zero Aggression Project

P.S. We recognize that episodes longer than 45 minutes discourage consumption. But, by listening to just this one episode, you’ll likely know more about these SCOTUS decisions than any critic you meet.

Jim Babka is the Zero Aggression Project co-creator. Yet the views expressed in the show are not necessarily those of the board, staff, or supporters of the Zero Aggression Project (Downsize DC Foundation).


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