How to defang the FDA, the backdoor way

October 31, 2022

Maybe we don’t need targeted legislation to defang the FDA!

Is there a way you could make the FDA’s rulings advisory rather than mandatory, without even passing a bill for that specific purpose? Yes. Read on…

The Food and Drug Administration is supposed to save lives. It is unclear that they do that. Raymond March has summarized some of the defects in a great article from the Independent Institute. For example…

The FDA teamed up with the Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Agriculture. Together, they issued new guidelines for healthy eating in 2025. But how many of those guidelines were influenced by industry interests, as opposed to compelling scientific evidence? Please consider what happened with…

The “No sugar added” label on food

The FDA failed to include honey and maple syrup in the definition for that label.

Think of how many consumers are now buying products on the false assumption that they contain no additional glucose, sucrose, or fructose.

Even worse, you still need to check for artificial sweeteners that can have a negative impact on your gut microbiome.

What good is a “no sugar added” label if you still have to closely read the ingredient and nutrition information to see how much sugar or artificial sweeteners a product has? Did all the tax-funded, “scientific” brainpower that went into defining that label deliver any real return on investment?

Government guidelines don’t seem to help!

Americans are still getting fatter!

But that doesn’t deter the bureaucrats. They’re developing more guidelines for more labels that will supposedly help us make better choices.

Now the FDA has created a set of rules companies must follow in order to label a product “healthy.”

Can you imagine how many industry lobbyists scrambled to have their say on that one?

All of this can make you laugh, but it can also make you cry, and it may even make you or your children sick or dead. Get this…

Smart Sock was a device parents used to monitor infant pulse and breathing. It’s 90% effective, but not 100% effective. So the FDA forced it off the market. Now parents can’t even rely on the 90% protection they had before.

What can be done?

Our bill, the Write the Laws act (WTLA), could help stop this madness.

WTLA would force Congress to approve or reject every bureaucratic rule created by unelected bureaucrats.

Think what a splash of cold water that would be on bureaucratic exuberance.

Better yet, WTLA would severely restrict the overall amount of regulation because Congress’s bill processing capacity is limited! That means, surprisingly…

WTLA could lead to a surprising and good consequence!

If the FDA wanted to continue issuing as many verdicts and guidelines as before, it would have to make more and more of them advisory, rather than dictatorial. In other words…

You could consult the FDA’s opinions about various products, but you wouldn’t have to obey them unless they made sense to you!

And this would happen naturally, simply because the FDA can produce more regulatory advice than Congress has time to pass.

Make the FDA advisory instead of dictatorial.

This is a change we’ve long dreamed of. It might be possible to achieve it, at least in part, without even passing specific legislation to make it happen.

WTLA could be a backdoor way to defang the FDA!


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