A judge agrees with you about “Write the Laws”

May 9, 2022

Can you tolerate having a judge agree with you?

Politicians, judges, and bureaucrats are evil all the time, right? So we can never hope to get them to do the right thing, correct? Well, what about this…

Good news! A judge has written favorably about our “Write the Laws” concept. Remember, our “Write the Laws Act (WTLA)” which has been introduced in the U.S. Senate. This bill would prohibit Congress from delegating its law-making powers to unelected Executive Branch bureaucrats.

A Judge agrees with the Write the Laws concept

Dig this quote from a federal judge…

“Our laws are supposed to be written by members of Congress,” objected Judge James Ho, “not by private interests pursuing unknown private agendas.”

Judge Ho could find no precedent for allowing an agency to “re-delegate” regulatory power to a private body without Congress’s permission.

Article I of the Constitution vests “all legislative Powers” in Congress. It is bad enough, Ho observed, when Congress violates Article I by delegating its lawmaking power to another branch of government. The case at hand was even worse, because it involved a “‘double delegation’ from Congress to public bureaucrats to private parties.”

This isn’t a perfect description of the “write the bills” concept, but it moves a long way in our direction compared to current practices.

And it gets better…

The Supremes weigh in too!

Judge Ho is not alone in opposing congressional delegation of the power to legislate. Justices Alito, Gorsuch, and Thomas have written a similar complaint recently. The article that describes their opinion uses a phrase we too have used in promoting our various bills “No legislation without representation.”

Progress is possible. We really can persuade the powers that be to think and act differently. We just need to show them they won’t lead alone – they’ll have a large parade behind them. This is crucial to understand…

So-called leaders are really followers

Every political figure is constantly looking for some parade he or she can get in front of. Politicians don’t create these parades. They seek parades that already exist. Then, they volunteer to be the leader.

If you want things to change then you have to build a parade. There are only two ways to do that.

  1. Ask people to join your parade
  2. Contribute or start a monthly pledge.

If you haven’t yet joined our parade to pass the “Write the Laws Act” then please do so now, and start thinking about people you can ask to join you.

Pass the Write the Laws Act

Set your own agenda,

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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