This strategy can work in 2022

January 10, 2022

The Agenda Setter’s strategy will work in 2022 if we get one thing right.

Can we recruit 300 people per district to make group visits to local congressional offices, seeking sponsorships for bills like the One Subject at a Time Act, the Read the Bills Act, and the Write the Laws Act? Will we end judicial findings and qualified immunity? Is it possible that we’ll empty the American Gulag by restoring federal parole?

Our Strategy Can Work in 2022

We have growing confidence that the answer to all of these questions is yes. Just look at what we’ve accomplished…

  • We’ve recruited 2,021 new subscribers since June 7.
  • We’re testing and now proving techniques of outreach and recruitment that actually work. It currently costs us just $5 to recruit a new member to The 300.
  • Major donors are starting to see the value of our strategy. We just received a $7,500 grant to fund more recruitment!

One Thing Is Still Needed

But there’s bad news too. A big donation for outreach is nice, but the fact is that we’re not raising money equal to our success. In fact, we’re about to finish the year with an $8,400 deficit. And we must close that deficit if we’re to continue moving forward.

What we’re doing can work. It can change America faster, and for less cost and effort than any other strategy, but it will still cost something.

Please donate or start a monthly pledge. Please enable us to start the new year with the kind of financial support our Agenda Setters strategies require and deserve.


Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

P.S. If tax-deductibility is important to you, please give to our sister organization, the Downsize DC Foundation via the Zero Aggression Project:

Today’s Action: Close our $8,400 deficit


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