How 200,000 people will discover Agenda Setters

June 3, 2021

There will soon be more Agenda Setters lobbying local congressional offices for our legislation in YOUR district!

People are “chomping at the bit.” We get constant messages from people who want to march into their congresscritter’s offices right now! But for that to happen, we need to recruit more people faster. Currently…

  • Our largest district has 14 Agenda Setters.
  • Over a dozen districts now have 7 or more Agenda Setters.
  • The average is 2.64 per district, but 90 districts still have no Agenda Setters.

Clearly, that’s nowhere near enough.

So we have a dichotomy. People get excited when they learn about The 300 and Option Activism. But we’re not reaching nearly enough people. That means it’s time for…

The Big Breakout!

We’re about to start a MASSIVE outreach effort. We invested $24,000 to acquire a list of fresh people who are energized to cause change!

  • This list has more than 200,000 people on it.
  • The list is relatively new – built entirely in the last twelve months.
  • ALL of these people are interested in the same ideas YOU are.
  • 40,000 have even made donations to promote our shared principles!

Our investment permits us to reach this audience multiple times. They’ll learn about “The 300” and our campaigns for…

  • The One Subject at a Time Act, Read the Bills Act, and Write the Laws Act
  • The Ending Qualified Immunity Act, ending judicial findings, and restoring federal parole

Early messages, to this list, will be signed by public figures that the people on this list already know and trust. They will ask people to…

Join The 300

Our goal is for most districts to triple in size, including yours. Many of these new supporters will also become donors. In fact, the better half of that list responded to three different funding appeals in February, yielding approximately $10,000 in contributions. We expect many of these new supporters will also become donors, once we’ve established who we are and what we’re doing.

These new Agenda Setters and donors will give us a surge that we hope to continue until we reach our ultimate objective, which is…

300 Agenda Setters ready to visit local congressional offices in your district!

This will empower you to start changing legislation without having to elect anyone.

Do you want to make that happen? We’re ready to begin now.

Go Big or Go Home

Once again, our investment is $24,000. But we’ve “tapped out” our reserves. We’ll need additional financial support to cultivate this list. Can you provide some of this help?

  • Our largest donor this year gave $2,100. Can you match or exceed that?
  • Every bit helps!
  • Our largest monthly pledge is $250. Can you match or exceed that?
  • Our average monthly pledge is $15. Any pledge of $3 or more adds up quickly!

The opportunity is huge. We really believe we can start to influence legislation without having to spend billions of dollars to win elections. Please help make that happen.

Give to Go Big!

Set your own agenda,

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

Today’s Action: Go Big. Help reach 200,000 to join The 300!


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