The bipartisan drama will hurt you not help you

January 13, 2021

Politicians and the media know the drama will hurt you and benefit them.

America is drowning in drama. Protests, riots, violence, and calls for secession and civil war.

What are the issues that provoke all of this drama?

After all, 95% of U.S. policy remained the same from Bush to Obama to Trump, and the same will be true of the Biden years. The trajectory is consistent no matter how much political drama there is.

Yet those who line-up behind the Left or the Right, the Democrats or the Republicans, are very good at persuading themselves there are dramatic differences at stake. They can cherry-pick evidence, make excuses, and self-deceive with a mania that is truly breathtaking.

The Democrats thought they were cheated out of an election by the Russians. Meanwhile, the Republicans think they were cheated by voting machines. Neither side can conceive that a majority could willingly prefer someone else. Meanwhile…

Who benefits from all this drama?

Is it you? No. You stand to gain absolutely NOTHING! The media gets more viewers, listeners, and readers, and will have more influence. The politicians will grab more and more power. So please…

Don’t get caught up in any of this! Refuse to participate. Do something else instead.

  • Set your own agenda
  • Pursue your own path
  • Avoid and ignore the “circular firing squad” that is the Democrats and Republicans
  • Develop your own strategies and tactics
  • Patiently develop the resources needed to realize your goals

That’s what we’re trying to do, and we need your help.

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Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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