What’s the easiest way to cause political change?

October 27, 2020

Is this the easiest way to cause political change in your district?

We’re conducting an experiment…

We want to discover the easiest way to cause political change.

Easy means that it takes less time, money, and people than other approaches.

Elections would be a great example of a non-easy strategy. Electing the necessary majorities costs billions of dollars stretched over hundreds of races, requiring the agreement of tens of millions of people.

Wow. Doesn’t that make you exhausted just thinking about it?

Compare that to our strategy, where just 300 Agenda Setters could cause change in your district, and the same number of people in more than a majority of districts could pass legislation.

But first, we need to recruit The 300 in most districts for each issue. There’s much we still have to learn about how to do it. That learning requires its own set of experiments.

First Experiment

One such experiment has to do with sales pitches. What’s the easiest way to persuade someone to become one of The 300? There’s that word “easy” again. Remember, something is easy when it takes less time and effort than other approaches.

We’ve written what we think maybe the easiest explanation yet, for our sales pitch. Will you please review the article that answers the question, “What is the easiest way to cause political change?” at our website?

What is The 300?

Second Experiment

We must also discover the best channels for recruiting people to join The 300. This is experiment number two.

Joining The 300 is a real commitment – unlike signing a group petition. Your neighbor is agreeing to leave their home and attend a meeting. Going in waves of 3, 5, or 6 lowers the emotional risk and recruitment costs, but recruitment is still an expensive undertaking.

At this early stage in our plan, adding an Agenda Setter costs about $93.

Over time, and with momentum, we’ll lower that cost significantly. For example…

Here’s one way to drive down our recruitment costs…

Sharing is a profitable outreach channel. If you knew of just one person who liked one of our six issues, and that person signed up because of your outreach to them, it would be as if you made a $93 contribution!

Maybe you don’t know anyone who’d say yes and join. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable asking others. That’s okay. We’ll do that outreach! Please consider starting or increasing a monthly pledge or making a generous one-time contribution.

Fund “The 300” Recruitment

Don’t forget to check out the easiest explanation of our plan yet: What is the 300?

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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