Incredible evidence that legislative success is possible

March 15, 2023

More incredible evidence of something that should now be obvious

We’ve said these things repeatedly…

  • You don’t need to win elections to pass good legislation.
  • Sometimes politicians do the right thing.
  • Politicians do respond to constituent pressure.
  • It’s much easier to pressure politicians than it is to elect a congressional majority that wants what you want.

But we’ve done more than repeat these claims. We’ve also offered evidence for them. Now here comes another big example…

First, the Senate voted unanimously on March 2 to declassify all documents related to the origin of covid-19.

Then, the House did the same thing. And the vote was once again unanimous.

This happened in spite of the fact that Democrats have a lot of incentives to keep this issue clouded.

It happened because of public outrage. So, shouldn’t the public be outraged that…

  • Congress doesn’t read the bills it passes?
  • Congressional leaders use popular bills to pass unrelated measures that lack support?
  • Unelected bureaucrats can impose rules on you that have the force of law?
  • Judges are sentencing people for conduct that has either been acquitted or never tried in court?
  • You are liable for everything you do, while government employees aren’t?

Legislation to deal with all of these problems has been introduced in Congress, and some of that legislation was actually created by Downsize DC.

More importantly, there is probably close to unanimous public support for most of these bills, but only a small amount of pressure being applied on Congress. This is a numbers game

We need to be able to reach more people and convince them to pressure congress. Can you help us gain the resources to do that?


Set your own agenda,

Perry Willis, Co-Founder
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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