Meet One Subject’s two new co-sponsors

July 27, 2022

Two new co-sponsors. The list of One Subject sponsors is growing!

The OSTA (One Subject at a Time Act) [HR 872 and S. 110] has two new co-sponsors in the House. This brings the total number of co-sponsors to 12! The new co-sponsors are…

  • Rep. Pat Cammack, (R) Florida District 3 – Phone: (202) 225-5744
  • Rep. Paul A. Gosar, (R) Arizona District 4 – Phone: (202) 225-2315

If you live in one of these districts, please call and thank them for co-sponsoring the One Subject at a Time Act. Ask them to send out a “Dear colleague letter” urging other members to join them.

What We’re Demonstrating

First, it is possible to get libertarian legislation (bills that would actually reduce the size and scope of the State) introduced in Congress.

Second, we can get co-sponsors for this legislation without having to elect new people.

But other important things remain to be demonstrated.

  • Can we recruit enough people to pass OSTA? Since most people will agree with OSTA once they hear about it, recruiting them should be as easy as asking.
  • Can we raise enough money to ask enough people?

People like OSTA. Now, we need to reach more of them! You can reward our success and fuel more progress. Contribute or start a monthly pledge today.

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