Your power is increased by our outreach efforts

August 10, 2021

We have more good news about our outreach effort and your power

I met with lots of people at Freedom Fest. I also did a whopping 7 radio and podcast interviews during the event. Plus, our latest email outreach has now gone out. The result?

We’ve recruited 104 new people since our last progress report!

This recruitment is building towards something new. We’re trying to build a new conception of what it means to be an effective change agent. We want YOU to be the Agenda Setter.

What does it mean to be an Agenda Setter? Let’s review…

Your power depends on overcoming media hypnosis

  • Humans tend to be more motivated by fear, conflict, drama, and even hatred than they are by good news and progress. In fact, our stone-age minds seem prone to tune out good news when bad news is available.
  • We’ve shared with you the Viguerie Rule. It demonstrates that the media leads most people around by the nose, even those of us who feel certain we’re immune.
  • The politicians and the media both exploit the way humans tune in to fear, conflict, drama, and even hatred. They use it to manipulate and control us.

Your power increases when you control these factors. Therefore…

An effective ‘change agent’ reprograms his or her psychology

The quickest way to disempower the media and the politicians is to reprogram your psychology.

  • We strive to ignore what interests the media and the politicians (for the moment) so that we can focus our thinking and conversations on high leverage ideas and issues of our own choosing
  • We devote ourselves to tactics that have a chance to work at less cost and effort, instead of activities that simply draw crowds

These attitudes increase your power. This means that…

Your power depends on certain specific behaviors

As an Agenda Setter, you…

  1. Open and read these messages without having to be seduced by click-bait subject lines
  2. Turn conversations toward the issues you think matters
  3. Learn to LOVE increments of progress, small and large

Your power depends on these actions. Which leads us to this…

Our outreach efforts are increasing your power!

We are steadily reaching more people and persuading them to join The 300 in their district. Don’t forget…

104 brand new Agenda Setters are receiving this message!

If we keep piling up the increments of progress, then we will cause the change you seek.

Have you joined The 300 for all of our proposals that you agree with? For instance…

Have you considered our effort to shrink the American Gulag by restoring federal parole? We have too many federal laws and too many federal prisoners. You can help change this!

Restore Federal Parole

And help us recruit more Agenda Setters. Contribute or start a monthly pledge.

Set your own agenda,

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

Today’s Action: Join ‘The 300’ to Restore federal parole!


Help build The 300 with a one-time or monthly contribution.

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