IRS spying sparks a rebellion

October 21, 2021

IRS spying is already sparking a revolt in two states. Do you know which ones?

Many of us wallow in apathy and despair. We tell ourselves that no change is possible because politicians always do the wrong thing. They never care about what we want.

But this despair is only possible because we let the establishment news media set our agenda for us. We only pay attention to what the major media outlets tell us, and thereby miss important developments. For instance…

Millions of Americans are upset about Congressional proposals to let the IRS spy on our bank accounts. But how many Americans have noticed that…

Two states are resisting proposed IRS spying

Politicians in Nebraska and Missouri are taking steps to prohibit IRS spying in their states. How is this possible if politicians always do the wrong thing?

We need to pay attention to counter-examples like this and figure out how to create more of them. We should…

  • Talk to our friends about important issues the media is ignoring
  • Share ideas that would make a concrete difference
  • Recruit them to join with others to support those ideas
  • Tell our representatives exactly what we want, face to face if possible

Agenda Setters by Downsize DC is facilitating these steps

We give you information you can use in conversations with friends. Specifically, we recommend talking to people you know about the new IRS spying powers and the two states that are resisting this scheme.

We provide you with concrete ideas that will make a difference. In this case, our One Subject at a Time Act would prevent passage of the proposal to let the IRS spy on your bank account. You should talk to your friends about the One Subject at a Time Act.

We provide a mechanism to recruit people to pass proposals like the One Subject at a Time Act. Tell your friends about an exciting strategy that requires astonishingly few people to succeed, and then invite them to join The 300. Explain how their time won’t be wasted and success is assured by our innovative strategy of Option Activism.

Remember, when we have 300 people in your district we will overwhelm your local congressional offices with face-to-face requests to co-sponsor the One Subject at a Time Act.


But we can’t do any of this by ourselves. We need you to talk with your friends and recruit them. We also need you to join The 300, if you haven’t already.

This kind of outreach makes a difference. But, by far, the fastest way to get to The 300, both in your district and in other districts, is for us to advertise. And advertising costs money.

At present, we have a successful outreach campaign that has recruited more than 700 new people. We had to pause it due to funding issues. Right now, a contribution or monthly pledge would help us restart.

With every $3,000 we raise, we expect to recruit 700 more!

Please contribute or start a monthly pledge…


Set your own agenda!

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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