What will you tell your friends today?

September 22, 2021

Can you tell your friends something important today?

You will talk to your friends and family today. That’s inevitable. But it isn’t inevitable that you will say something that has lasting value. Think about it…

Most of what we say in our daily conversations is ephemeral. It goes in one ear and out the other. Today could be different.

You could tell your friends something that has long-term value

It’s possible for you to do that. It wouldn’t take much effort. So shouldn’t you do it?

It would have to be something that would spark an emotion or make them think. Preferably both. It should also be something that serves your goals and values. But beware…

Don’t tell your friends things your enemies are already telling them

This is where Media Agenda Setting Theory comes in. Most people pepper their conversations with media talking points. Media-driven conversations have two features…

  1. They’re often just more ephemera with no lasting value, and/or…
  2. They are actively hostile to your values and interests, and instead, serve the interests of the political class.

Instead of letting the media set the agenda, we all need to break out of this trap. We should set our own agenda. We can be effective Agenda Setters if the things we say to people create two important conditions…

  1. The person we’re speaking to acquires new “mental furniture” – comfortable spaces, in their mind, where fresh, original ideas can sit
  2. This friend or family member becomes deeply interested in rƎVO⅃utionary ideas and values that challenge and even undermine the political class

Here’s how you can tell your friends important things

Consider this example. Politicians have just buried a bad subsidy in a thousand page tax bill. This subsidy is a tax credit that will give media companies up to $25,000 for every journalist they employ. You should tell your friends about this. Then use our One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA) to suggest a solution.

There are two big problems with this media subsidy. First, it gives the IRS the power to pick winners and losers – to decide who is and is not a media company. Second, it gives tax-subsidized journalists an incentive to favor Big Government.

After all, they’ll be even less likely to bite the hand that is now feeding them!

Put it to your friends this way…

Should politicians get to bribe the media using your tax dollars?

Ask your friends if they think this media subsidy could pass if it had to be voted up or down on its own, instead of being buried deep inside a thousand-page bill? Most of them will say no, it couldn’t pass on its own. Then you can tell your friends about the One Subject at a Time Act. Tell them it has already been introduced in Congress and needs more sponsors.

Tell your friends about The 300 and Option Activism. If they’re interested, ask them to sign-up immediately. Pull out your phone or tablet and visit the page for OSTA. Sign them up on the spot.

Keep having these kinds of conversations!

Find opportunities to tell people about the One Subject at a Time Act, the Read the Bills Act, and the Write the Laws Act. Be a real Agenda Setter. You can set the terms of debate and choose the subject of discussion. Tell your friends important things that will have a lasting impact. You can recruit people on the spot.

Make it happen. You can cause daily change and improvement by telling your friends important things that will have a lasting impact.

And if you haven’t yet joined The 300 for OSTA, do so now!

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Or help us recruit more people. Contribute or start a monthly pledge.

Set your own agenda,

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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