Why is the U.S. freedom rank so low?

October 20, 2022

How bad is the U.S. freedom rank?


Is America really the land of the free and the home of the brave? Consider…

Should we despair? Hardly. Please notice…

  • Americans no longer seem so terrified of Islam – so count this one for increased bravery
  • State-by-state Americans are rolling back drug prohibition, leading to the recent marijuana pardons from President Biden.

Recall that, not long ago, the U.S. ranked much higher in economic freedom. We can get there again. The key is to apply the strategy that has worked so well with drug prohibition…

  • Constant educational efforts
  • Relentless pressure on the political class

We are trying to provide you with a strategy to accomplish the latter goal.

We have specific proposals that would restore a lot of our freedom.

Do you want the U.S. to stop leading the world in incarceration?

We have three proposals that will go a long way. Two of them have already been introduced in Congress. We seek to…

  • Restore federal parole so we can get more non-violent offenders out of prison sooner.
  • Pass the End Qualified Immunity Act so police will be less prone to break the law and/or frame people.
  • Pass the Prohibit Punishment of Acquitted Conduct Act to prevent judges from using judicial findings – a pernicious doctrine they created out of thin air – to imprison people for charges that have never been tried in court, or for which the defendant has actually been acquitted!

If you prefer to increase overall freedom…

We have three bills that would do that in a big way. All of them have been introduced in the House or Senate, and in one case, both!

  • The Read the Bills Act would compel members of congress to read every word of the bills they want to pass.
  • The One Subject at a Time Act would prohibit congressional leaders from clustering unrelated measures into the same bill. This would prevent them from using sure-to-pass bills to carry measures that most members of Congress don’t want.

Both of these bills would slow government growth plus make legislation shorter and easier to read.

These bills also have powerful enforcement mechanisms. They prohibit the courts from enforcing any legislation that was passed in violation of the Read the Bills or One Subject requirement. But…

If you want to specifically increase ECONOMIC freedom…

Our third bill may hit that mark the most directly.

WTLA (the Write the Laws Act) would force Congress to approve any regulation before it could be imposed on you. This would restore the separation of powers. It would also curtail a major area of government growth.

WTLA is the most direct way to move the United States back toward number one in the economic freedom rankings! We just need 300 people in your district to get your reps to co-sponsor WTLA. Help make it happen!


But if you’ve already signed up to be one of The 300 for WTLA then help us recruit people to The 300 in another way. Contribute or start a monthly pledge.

Set your own agenda,

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

Today’s Action: Make economic freedom rank higher with WTLA


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